Did someone say bulk zucchini?!?

Did you say bulk zucchini?

Want to buy or already have bulk zucchini? Farmer Elizabeth noted that there would be bulk zucchini available this week at Fat Moon Farm.

I love zucchini, whether it’s grilled, shredded or sliced or raw or cooked. So, here are my suggestions for how to enjoy zucchini throughout the year.

  1. Prepare now, enjoy later

Some recipes are great made, then frozen. Others I prepare, then freeze and will cook later.

Zucchini Pancakes – After making, I portion them out (putting a small piece of parchment or freezer paper between each pancake), then wrap in plastic wrap

Zucchini-Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies – after preparing the dough, bake what you want to eat in the next couple days. The remainder of the dough, portion (scoop out) onto a parchment lined cookie sheet. The dough balls can be spaced fairly close together as they will be placed into the freezer on the cookie sheet. After dough balls are frozen solid (usually takes at least an hour), place dough balls into a freezer safe bag or container. When you want a freshly baked cookie, preheat oven. Pull out desired amount of cookies and bake per instructions or until done).

Zucchini Brownies – after baking and cooling the brownies, portion, wrap well and freeze. When you want to eat one, take brownie out of freezer and defrost. They usually don’t take long to defrost if left on the counter.

Zucchini bread or zucchini muffins – use your favorite recipe. If you know you’ll only want one slice of bread at a time, pre-cut and wrap each slice well, then place all slices in a bag or container.

  1. Freeze

    Freezing grated zucchini – don’t forget to portion out into the amounts you need for your most used recipes. A quick space saving suggestion: store portioned zucchini in freezer ziploc bags. Make sure you remove as much air as possible. Flatten the plastic bag, then place onto a sheet pan (aka cookie sheet) to freeze so it’s flat. Once frozen, it can be easily stacked in the freezer. And, don’t forget to label it – what it is, amount and when prepared!

    Freezing sliced zucchini – this is good for sauteeing zucchini at a later time.

  2. If you don’t feel like freezing…eat as much as you can now – that way if you OD now, you won’t want it for a while!


For more zucchini recipes, see my post from last year.

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