Wild Greens

Wild greens are commonly referred to as weeds. Despite the bad connotation, they are actually a nutrition powerhouse, in some cases having many times more vitamins and minerals than their domesticated relatives. As always, remember to get your wild greens from a reputable source (i.e. Fat Moon Farm or be educated from a foraging expert)


Wild greens can be mild in flavor (i.e. wild spinach) or bitter (i.e. dandelions). Often the flavor changes depending on the time of year and preparation method. These greens can be a great way to add a rustic flavor to meals.


This blog focus is on wild spinach since it’s in season.

Wild Spinach:

Wild spinach, aka Lamb’s Quarter, can be used in place of domesticated spinach.

Fun Fact: the seeds are closely related to quinoa


Wild Spinach Frittata

Wild Spinach Rice – saute wild spinach with chopped scallions in olive oil (chop if desired). Saute sliced mushrooms. Add spinach/scallion mixture and mushrooms to cooked brown or wild rice. Try adding a couple tablespoons of (reduced sodium) soy sauce for extra flavor.

Beet Green Gratin*: RD nutrition bite: use part-skim ricotta (decreases saturated and total fat), substitute whole wheat crackers (increase fiber) and/or mix crackers with wheat germ (adds vitamin E) for topping, use 2 whole eggs instead of 4 egg yolks (decreases cholesterol)

*this is, by far, my favorite recipe for greens (i’ve used beet greens, turnip greens, swiss chard, wild spinach and a mix of all of them in it)

Lambsquarter and Peach Green Smoothie

Also try:

– Sauteing with garlic

– Add chopped cooked wild spinach to grain salad (i.e. orzo/quinoa, feta, toasted nuts)

– Add to soup

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