Dirty Dozen

Environmental Working Group (EWG) creates a “Dirty Dozen” list every year, which is a list of the produce (48 kinds of produce are tested) that contain the highest number of pesticides. The pesticide content in the produce is tested after the food is washed and/or peeled, whichever way the food is typically consumed. For the past 2 years, EWG has created a “Dirty Dozen Plus” list, where the Plus foods were often found to have traces of highly toxic organophosphate pesticides.

2013 Dirty Dozen Plus List

1) Apples

2) Strawberries

3) Grapes

4) Celery

5) Peaches

6) Spinach

7) Sweet Bell Peppers

8) Nectarines – imported

9) Cucumbers

10) Potatoes

11) Cherry tomatoes

12) Hot peppers

+) Kale/collard greens

+) Summer squash

Let’s just be thankful that we have local produce grown using organic practices. Many summer vegetables including cucumbers, summer squash, cherry tomatoes and sweet bell peppers are on the dirty dozen plus list. Also, check out some of the fall greens, such as spinach, kale and collard greens. Thank you Fat Moon Farm for providing us with nutritious, delicious and pesticide-free produce! My neurological system, whole body and I thank you!

Bottom-line: If you’re going to buy organic produce, this is a good list from which to start. Consuming fruits and vegetables are part of a healthful diet and contain numerous vitamins and minerals to help prevent many diseases. These benefits ultimately outweigh the risks of non-organic produce.

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