Cucumbers contain 95% water, which translates into very low calories. Cucumbers have a small amount of fiber and vitamins and minerals, but not a good source (meaning between 10 and 19% daily value of any of them), though every bit adds up. Even though cucumbers are not a nutrition powerhouse, they are refreshing due to the water content.

If slicing, chopping or quartering cucumbers feels a little mundane, read on as cucumbers can actually be quite versatile in recipes.

Fun Facts: Cucumbers originated in India over 3000 years ago! Cucumbers are a member of the gourd family along with squash, melons and pumpkin.

Culinary Tip: don’t store cucumbers with fruit – it will make the cucumber yellow and age faster.

Quick Cucumber Ideas:

  • Freeze slices or cubes (think small ice cube size) of cucumber. Use in place of ice to cool down and make a refreshing drinks. Add a touch of mint for extra flavor!
  • Cucumber Boat: halve cucumbers lengthwise and remove seeds with a spoon. Cut cucumber halves into 3-4 pieces each, depending on the size of the cucumber. Fill with tuna, chicken or egg salad.


Quick Pickles

Tzatsiki – very quick and easy recipe. Great with

Cucumber Black Eyed Pea Salad – a very quick side dish. Substitute any legume for the black eyed peas

Creamy Cucumber Soup – can be served hot or cold!

Cucumber with Curried Mayo Sandwich – quick and refreshing sandwich. Reminds me of the kind served with English afternoon tea!

Cucumber Salsa – great use of the farm stand favorites!

Cucumber Lime Granitagranita is a fancy word for shaved ice. This is a refreshing dessert or afternoon treat on hot summer days!

Iced Tea with Lemon, Mint and Cucumber

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