Chive Flowers and other Edible Flowers

Chive Flowers

Chive Flowers

What would your family or friends say if you served a salad with flowers adorning it? Try it…A good way to add color to a salad is to add edible flowers. I have a pot with chives growing on my deck and they are blooming with purple flowers. Not only do the purple flowers look pretty, but I can snip them off and throw them in my salad for a very mild onion-y flavor! They also create a good conversation piece and interest by kids and adults!

Another flower that will be blooming soon is nasturtium. For those of you who attended the Fat Moon Mother’s Day brunch (which was unbelievably delicious), your kids were able to plant one for you in a decorated pot. Nasturtiums are easy to grow, an edible flower and they are a natural pest repellent. Plant near squash, pumpkins, radishes and cabbages and it will help repel white flies, squash bugs, and striped pumpkin beetles.

These are just a few edible flowers. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the Fat Moon Farm class on Flowers You Can Eat?

Reminder: do not eat edible flowers that have been treated with pesticides – purchase from a reputable source – Fat Moon is currently selling Chives.  Edible Flower info and tips and when they bloom.

Culinary Tip: Garnish a cake or pastry with sugared edible flowers.

How to make sugared flowers:

      1. Start with clean, dry edible flowers
      2. Slightly beat egg white (RD tip for food safety: use powdered egg whites) – I find that adding a little water to loosen the egg white works best
      3. Paint (with a thin paint brush) a thin layer of egg white on the flower pedals.
      4. Coat with superfine sugar aka caster sugar. (can buy in supermarket or make it yourself by placing granulated white sugar in food process and process until very fine, ~ 30 seconds)
      5. Let dry – can take up to 3-5 days, depending on the weather (if it’s humid it will take on the longer side!)
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